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Draws, Results, Tables

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Ground Status

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Welcome to 2017! To view information regarding our registration days, grading days, dates, expectations, contact details etc please click on the link below.

2017 Registration & Grading Day Flyer

All these meetings to start at 7pm.

Monday 23rd January
Monday 13th February
Monday 6th March
Monday 13th March – coaches and managers meeting for up to approx. 40 people
Monday 27th March
Monday 1st May
Monday 5th June
Monday 3rd July
Monday 7th August
Monday 4th September
Monday 25th September
Monday 16th October - AGM could be up to 50 people
Monday 6th November
Monday 4th December

Ground Status


ground closedGavenlock
ground closedMaidens Brush

ground open Narara Valley High School


Grounds OPEN for training as at 1:20pm 09/01/17.

For rescheduled games refer to CCF website.





Sidelines and Coast Shelter Lock Up